I have a question. So I was visiting this site and I am learning neo4j, and I have a question about this clause: (this is the site: game of thrones site)

    MATCH (c:Character)-[r:INTERACTS]-()
RETURN c.name AS character, sum(r.weight) AS weightedDegree ORDER BY weightedDegree DESC

This clause is something similar to what I would like to find out. I am trying to find the average weight of the characters. I have tried something like this:

MATCH (c:Character)-[r:INTERACTS]-()
WITH n=sum(r.weight) AS ses
RETURN c.name AS character, avg(ses) AS weightedDegree ORDER BY weightedDegree DESC

but it won't work.


It is not clear what you are looking for. Here are two possible answers:

  1. To find the average weightedDegree value (across all characters):

    MATCH (c:Character)-[r:INTERACTS]-()
    WITH c, SUM(r.weight) AS weightedDegree
    RETURN AVG(weightedDegree) AS averageWeightedDegree;
  2. To find the average INTERACTS weight for each character, in descending average weight order, limited to the 5 characters with the highest average:

    MATCH (c:Character)-[r:INTERACTS]-()
    RETURN c.name AS character, AVG(r.weight) AS avgWeight
    ORDER BY avgWeight DESC
    LIMIT 5;
  • Do you mind sharing how I would show the first 5 characters that have the biggest average weighted degree? Something with limit ascend? – averagejoex Jan 2 '18 at 23:15
  • the second option you gave is the one I was looking for, now I can just change DESC with ASC and get the biggest values, thank you – averagejoex Jan 2 '18 at 23:19

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