Ok i am new to TFS. I want to get the recent build pro grammatically using c# code. i have seen other post about this, they did this way

var buildDefinitions = buildServer.QueryBuildDefinitions("Project_name").Where(bd=>bd.DateCreated.Date>=DateTime.Now.AddDays(-7).Date);

But I need to get an example of this image click here

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As you know, the method returns IBuildDefinitions. And since you seem to be wanting to find them by name, you could do something like:

var buildDefinitions = buildServer
    .Where(bd => bd.Name == yourBuildName);
  • No, i don't want to specify the build name, i want to get all the recent build name – TheWay Jan 3 at 7:01
  • This doesn't specify the build name, it's an equality check against yourBuildName. Clarify your question to include exactly what you're looking for. All you said is an example of the image @TheWay. – ChiefTwoPencils Jan 3 at 7:03

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