Is it possible to have TFS 2017 fetch email from Gmail?

For instance...

I have a ticketing system (OS Ticket) on an external server. I have TFS sitting on a private server and would like to have it pull those tickets that are emailed out from OS Ticket to a Gmail account and create tasks within TFS automatically.

  • First: If this even remotely possible?
  • Second: Can it be done?
  • Third: If it can be done, How, are there any examples or is it something seriously easy?
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Your requirement is able to be achieved, but there is not default way. You have to code your solution which should contain two parts:

  1. Filter the emails in ticketing system or in Gmail account. For example, in Gmail, you can filter emails by sender with criteria.from=''(check Managing Filters for more information). You would need to get more help from OS Ticket or Gmail side for this part.

  2. Use TFS REST API to create a work item: PATCH https://{instance}/DefaultCollection/{project}/_apis/wit/workitems/${workItemTypeName}?api-version={version} Content-Type: application/json-patch+json [ { "op": "add", "path": { string } "value": { string or int, depending on the field } }, { "op": "add", "path": "/relations/-", "value": { "rel": { string }, "url": { string }, "attributes": { { name/value pairs } } } } ]

You can buy a product like TeamBox or code your solution using TFS API.

It is not trivial to implement a robust solution (you can see a fullly functioning code example in, so you need to add some monitoring on top that everything is running smoothly.

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