I want to connect a Windows Mobile 6.5 Emulator with the Windows Mobile Device Manager. After I start the Device Emulator Manager as stand alone, I select a emulator and right click it and connect to the emulator. The Emulator will start as expected and everything is fine. So far... Usually I can cradle with right clicking on the emulator in the Device Emulator Manager, but after doing so, every possible option is displayed grey and is not clickable.

The mouse cursor is a spinning circle. This spinning circle will be there for ever and there is also no green array appearing, that I am connected the the emulator. The emulator meanwhile is loaded completely and I am able to interact with it. After closing the emulator, I get the error message

Cannot connect to device. Error: 0x89731c01

What I did so far:

  • Changed the connection settings in the Windows Mobile Device Manager to DMA
  • Made sure the needed windows services are running and I use my Windows Authentification for the services
  • Reinstalling the whole thing several times including restarts of Windows
  • Turning of the Windows Firewall

My Setup

  • Windows 10 V1703 64bit

  • Installed Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 Driver (64-bit)

  • Installed Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK Refresh

  • Installed Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Developer Tool Kit (USA)

  • Installed Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional Images (GER)

  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional

  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 Redistributable


Fixed it by installing SP1 for VS2008 and run the Device Emulator Manager in Compatibility Mode to Windows XP SP3. I still don´t know why, but it works for me.

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