I'm trying to implement native iOS sharing through Appcelerator Hyperloop. My goal is to share an image (specifically a png qrcode generated at the moment) with a descriptive text.

The code I was able to create at the moment is the following, but I could not correctly pass the image. Where am I doing wrong?


var UIActivityViewController = require('UIKit/UIActivityViewController'),
    TiApp = require('Titanium/TiApp'),
    UIImage= require('UIKit/UIImage');

var dataToShare = [];

// description text

// image as Blob or File object
var image = UIImage.imageWithContentsOfFile(args.image);


var activityViewController = UIActivityViewController.alloc().initWithActivityItemsApplicationActivities(dataToShare, null);

TiApp.app().showModalController(activityViewController, true);

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