I have a Mac laptop and I would like to know what the size of my cache memory is. When I check the properties of my hardware I can only see the sizes of the L2 and L3 caches, but not the L1. Does anybody know a way to get this information?


PS: I am not very familiar with computer architecture.


On a Mac, you can ask sysctl:

$ sysctl hw.l1icachesize   # L1 instruction cache
hw.l1icachesize: 32768

$ sysctl hw.l1dcachesize   # L1 data cache
hw.l1dcachesize: 32768

Or you can look it up in the Intel specs. Search for Table 2-9 (Cache Parameters of the Haswell Microarchitecture).

I don't know why System Profiler doesn't spit it out, other than 32k (per core) is really common for all the modern CPUs I know, so maybe so consistent over the product line that it's not worth reporting.

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