I'm using TFS2017 and VS2015. I have a solution with multiple WebApps and a ConsoleApp.

When I do a TFS build I get the WebApps built and dropped to the location I need. but so far I have been manually copying the ConsoleApp.

Is there a way for TFS to build the ConsoleApp and also drop it in a specific location?

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Why you have to use the Xaml build system? See Why You Should Switch to Build VNext

In TFS 2017 you can easily use the new vNext system to build the ConsoleApp and drop it in a specific location.

You can build the entire solution with VS build task or separately build the ConsoleApp projects with the MSBuild task with the MSBuild Arguments set e.g : /p:OutDir="$(build.artifactstagingdirectory)\\"

Then use the Publish Build Artifacts task to drop it in the specific location.

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You can use a PowerShell script as post build script in a xaml build and use it to copy files to the build output. Sample script for XAML builds available here

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