I am trying to understand how plain authentication works on IMAP servers.
I implemented a simple IMAP server in JavaScript(Node.JS).
I tried to login with Mozilla Thunderbird but I can't get past the AUTHENTICATION part of the connection.

This is how the communication between server and client looks like:

C: 1 capability
S: 1 OK - CAPABILITY completed
C: 2 authenticate PLAIN
S: +

And AUTHENTICATE handler so far:

function authenticate() {
  socket.write('+ ')

If I understand correctly Thunderbird should send me a message like this '\0login\0password', but it does nothing, it's stuck on 'Mail for login@ Sending login information...'

  • Are you sending new lines after your responsds? – Max Jan 4 at 1:58
  • Yes I send \r\n after each response but not after the + character. As you can see it's just a socket.write('+ ') notice the space after the '+'. – ProNOOB Jan 4 at 8:23
  • 1
    It still needs a new line. – Max Jan 4 at 14:32
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Responses, even the continuation response, need a new line:

socket.write('+ Go ahead\r\n')
  • Thanks, I have no idea why I fought I don't need the newline at the end, it worked. – ProNOOB Jan 4 at 22:27

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