I am learning to use the riak noSQL-database, but I have a question I have not found an answer to in several days.

I have a database entry like so:

   "Username" : "Pete",
   "Pets" : "Cat",
   "Car" : "Honda Civic",
   "Country" : "Canada"

I am updating the object like this:

curl -XPUT "" -H "Content Type:application/json" 
-d '{"Username":"Peter"}'

As of now it replaces the entire object, but I would like to be able to update just the username field, without having to re-enter the entire object into my query.

I was trying to do a map using -d '{"update":{"Username": "Peter"}}' but it did not work out unfortunately.

Any thoughts if this is even possible?

Here you are using Riak as a pure key-value store. This means that the value is opaque and Riak knows nothing about its structure. The value of a key can only be replaced as a whole.

In order to be able to update individual fields of a document, you need to use a document store and model your data accordingly. Another option is a column-oriented NoSQL database such as Cassandra.

See also Riak website:

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