I am using below url to send multiple request via json file


I put ${__FileToString(C:\PStech\${__eval(${JSON_FILE})}.txt,,)} in Body Data of Http request of Jmeter and using csv to send multiple json files which here I stored as 100.txt and 101.txt.

But I see Request is going as below

POST data: --1Ls95bBrGMOsS5H7hQGp9_uJf_Z50M7-vQR--

Ideally it should send Request as {"employee":"622083"}

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Can you show the csv file? – user7294900 Jan 4 at 4:07
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You need to untick Use multipart/form-data for HTTP POST box in the HTTP Request sampler.

Instead of this add HTTP Header Manager to send Content-Type header with the value of application/json

More information: REST API Testing - How to Do it Right

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