Hi guys I just wanted to ask your opinion or ideas on how to do this

i have a url like:


handled by:

SomeController@someFunction(Request $request)

the $request object contains a lot of data including Server Bag Parameter

I want to create the same with exact object $request using:


any idea how to do it?

  • Is this for testing purpose? Or you need to create this kind of request inside your Laravel app? – Suresh Velusamy Jan 4 at 2:21
  • @SureshVelusamy I need to create this request inside my laravel app, I want to visit all my pages in the sitemap – Micky Z Jan 4 at 3:32
  • github.com/laravel/framework/blob/…. refer call Method. its has a good definition of achieving your need. I hope it will help – Suresh Velusamy Jan 4 at 4:30

Yes you can create a similar object.

$request->request->add($array) you can pass array to create a similar object.

there is also another way to create a single variable in the request like


Hope this helps.

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