I've never experienced this before and honestly don't know where to start. My local setup is a laravel app running on a docker container. The container is running php-fpm and nginx.

Anytime I try to navigate to localhost (any uri) the page does not load and I'm shown the "Save as" window with the URI as the "file name". I tried killing the browser and restarting it, rebuilding the container, and restarting my computer. The logs on the container don't show anything when I try to connect. Usually it will log the request information.

I've tried resetting my repo to a state when I know for sure everything was working. I don't recall a change that caused this. I just booted up the container one day and ran into this.

I'll post whatever information is requested. Really don't know where to go from here.

  • You have a webserver running on your computer that adds a Content-Disposition: attachment header to every response. – Barmar Jan 4 at 2:34
  • SO is for programming questions, not questions about using or configuring Linux. SuperUser.com or unix.stackexchange.com would be better places for questions like this. – Barmar Jan 4 at 2:35
  • @Barmar Deleted the repo. Deleted all local images and containers. Rebuilt everything and it's working fine. Do you know what could have randomly caused that? – Dylan Buth Jan 4 at 5:16
  • Nope, but I'm not really an expert on nginx configuration. – Barmar Jan 4 at 7:55
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I deleted the repo locally, deleted all images and containers on my machine, rebuilt everything and the problem is gone. This is not a clear answer to the problem but maybe it'll help someone that runs into this in the future.

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