I've been working on a pet project for web components. I am experimenting with a data binding library of my own. So far I managed to create all the essential functionalities I would typically use for angular 2 templates, the if, the for, the class and the data input for web components. One limitation that I hit so far is that html attributes names are normalized by the browser to lower case.

So when you I use:

var attribute = element.getAttribute(attributeName);

I will receive the original attribute.nodeValue in attribute.nodeName. That means my current syntax is not the best looking one because I use the attribute value to store the source property name in the original case.

p-data="mockDataProp, customInput"

I would like to have something like this


But what I get in the nodeNameproperty is mockdataprop. So far, the only idea I have is to use attribute normalisation similar to AngularJS. Kebab case to camel case. Another one would be to use a wrapper over innerHTML and regex the hell out of it... which I suspect is not that wise.

Any ideas?

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    Did you consider using element.dataset ? – Supersharp Jan 4 '18 at 21:13
  • Looks interesting, I'll read a bit more about dataset and than I'll be back with an answer. – Adrian Moisa Jan 4 '18 at 21:24

I am not sure how Angular does it but I do know that attributes are always lower case. Try using something like el.innerHTML='<b myAttr="true">b</b>'; or el.setAttribute('myAttr', 'true'); and the attribute will be converted to lowercase.

What many libraries do is us the dashed case to camel case conversion to let them gain uppercase attribute names. So 'my-attr' would become 'myAttr' and 'inner-h-t-m-l' becomes 'innerHTML'

Here is a simple routine to convert from dashed case to camel case: How do I convert from camel case to dashed and dashed to camel case


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