I am using PyCharm on MAC to import some packages by

import pymongo
import bson

However the error is ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pymongo'

The packages are installed successfully and there is nothing wrong when running them in the command line I also checked the Interpreter Configuration in Pycharm, fixed to Python 3.6(my only version of Python 3)

Also, when I use pip3 freeze it indicates that these packages are successfully installed

How can I fix this problem?


You're running Python in a virtual environment (venv), the packages you installed via pip cannot be found in this environment.

At the project interpreter, click the plus (+) sign at the bottom and add your packages there.

Project interpreter

Click the + at the bottom

Install package Search for, and install your package


Delete the venv folder and then add the interpreter again from Settings>Project Interpreter. After that add the packages again(pip install package-name)

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