I'd like to search GitHub (and maybe Gitlab, Bitbucket & Co) for repositories that have a GitHub Page (meaning they should most likely have a gh_pages branch) or a demo at Firebase, Heroku etc.

Also I would like to easily search for repos which use the Angular Framework or React for example. I can search for "@angular/core" filename:package.json stars:2 which will show me repos having a package.json with @angular/core inside. But the star filter doesn't work and also the information about main language and stars are not being displayed next to it in the code search tab.

Finally i would love to combine these searches so i can search for Angular, React, React Native or Ionic Projects with a Demo (and maybe some other filters).

There are some lists (below) that list projects and tag them with the used language/framework but they are by far not complete, so it would be very useful to be able to search for them.

My question:

Is there a software or website (or simply any way) to:

  1. combine GitHub searches so i can find Projects that for example have a package.json file that contains "@angular/core" AND a readme.md file that contains for example the word demo?
  2. Search for specific frameworks/libraries (like angular, react, ionic) used in the repository?
  3. (find qualitative repositories...)?

Since I'm afraid there is none yet, can i use the GitHub API to combine two searches like "@angular/core" filename:package.json and demo filename:readme.md (or maybe search for the existance of a gh_pages branch) and list the repositories with stars, forks, used languages and so on?


Some suitable workarounds:

With Github itself one can create clever queries or look up the topics on GitHub


GitHub search query for repositories written with typescript, with the npm package @angular/core inside the package.json file, the word "demo" inside the readme and with more then 0 star:
GitHub query for Angular apps

I'm using some of the GitHub filters. First of all I searched for a angular typical package in the package.json, also for the word "demo" in the readme and I also filtered for repositories written in typescript.
You can filter for the topic:angular and for repos with more then 0 stars

  • "@angular/core" filename:package.json

  • demo in:readme

  • language:typescript

  • stars:>0

  • topic:angular

GitHub-Topic: Angular

React (Native) with Typescript:

GitHub search query for repositories written with typescript, with the npm package react-native inside the package.json file and the word "demo" inside the readme:
GitHub query for ReactNative apps

GitHub-Topic: React (Typescript)


In general it is(!) possible to do what I've been trying to acomplish. There is a project that mirrors Github and creates downloadable archives. With BigQuery it is possible to analyze the repositories. At Source 1: GitHubArchive and Source 2: ghtorrent you can read more about it.

It's very impressive what one can do with BigQuery and those data. There is an article for example where BigQuery was used to find the top rated Repositories by country. For this page BigQuery and the data from GitHubArchive was used too, to search for a language used, and filter for promising repositories (whatever promising means): gitmostwanted.com

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You can use a combination of the search criteria listed in the official GitHub search guide. Try setting the following attributes to fine tune your search.

  • language - To set the language you want to search for (Ex : Java)
  • topic - Any category you need (Ex : Angular)
  • in:readme - To search for keywords in the README file (Ex : Android in:readme)
  • in:name and in:description - Yes, you guessed it correct!
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    Thanks! Of course I've seen this page before. I did two searches: The first one to find angular projects with a demo in the readme. "@angular/core" filename:package.json stars:>1 demo in:readme language:typescript that works somewhat. but the second search should find React native apps written in typescript and it only finds 5 repositories. react-native-i18n filename:package.json demo in:readme language:typescript I'm sure there are more then 5 react native apps with a demo written in typescript on GitHub... – Night Train Jan 5 '18 at 8:25
  • NightTrain Do you know how to do such whether a framework isn used inside one or more given repositories. I tried this repo:ngx-formly/ngx-formly @angular/core filename:package.json Didn't seem to work correctly. – Biboswan Mar 29 '19 at 17:39

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