Android Custom modules i have created with Titanium SDK 5.4.0.GA is not working with latest SDK 6.X.X So trying to rebuild with latest SDK.

But i see ADT is not available now. I'm not able to build custom module with out ADT, getting below errors

The import cannot be resolved!/guide/Installing_the_Android_Development_Tools

Above Appcelerator link still says to setup ADT.

is there any other way to create custom module without ADT ?

  • Nowadays we use Android Studio... ADT has been gone for I guess two years now, maybe a bit less - or more, I'm not entirely sure, it has been some time though. – Ch4t4r Jan 4 at 20:31
  • Thanks for the update, Can you please tel me How to use Android Studio with Appcelerator Studio for ADT. I want to create new Custom module and build it with latest Appcelerator IDE – user821148 Jan 5 at 18:38

Have a look at this documentation on how to build modules:!/guide/Android_Module_Upgrade_Guide

If you module just needs to be recompiled you can use appc ti build -p android -b in your terminal to rebuild your module without using Appc Studio.

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