I have the following:

<xsl:when test="(PropertyType[@PropertyType=1]) 
                and ($year - YearBuild  &lt; 3)"

I want to test for several PropertyType attribute numbers, and not only for 1, for instance, in the above example I check if the attribute PropertyType of the element PropertyType is equals to 1, I want to check if it: equals to 1 or 2, or 10 or 11 or .... (a list of numbers) how to?


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You want to test if some scalar value belongs to a sequence.

In XPath 1.0 (without sequence data type):

PropertyType[contains(' 1 2 10 11 ',concat(' ',@PropertyType,' ')]  

In XPath 2.0 (with sequence data type):

PropertyType[@PropertyType = (1,2,10,11)]

Note: Existencial comparison.

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