I have JSON schema file where one of the properties is defined as either string or null:

"type":["string", "null"]

When converted to YAML (for use with OpenAPI/Swagger), it becomes:

  - 'null'
  - string

but the Swagger Editor shows an error:

Schema "type" key must be a string

What is the correct way to define a nullable property in OpenAPI?


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This depends on the OpenAPI version.

OpenAPI 3.1

Your example is valid in OpenAPI 3.1, which is fully compatible with JSON Schema 2020-12.

  - 'null'   # Note the quotes around 'null'
  - string

# same as
type: ['null', string]

The above is equivalent to:

  - type: 'null'   # Note the quotes around 'null'
  - type: string

The nullable keyword used in OAS 3.0.x (see below) does not exist in OAS 3.1, it was removed in favor of the 'null' type.

OpenAPI 3.0.x

Nullable strings are defined as follows:

type: string
nullable: true

This is different from JSON Schema syntax because OpenAPI versions up to 3.0.x use their own flavor of JSON Schema ("extended subset"). One of the differences is that the type must be a single type and cannot be a list of types. Also there's no 'null' type; instead, the nullable keyword serves as a type modifier to allow null values.

OpenAPI 2.0

OAS2 does not support 'null' as the data type, so you are out of luck. You can only use type: string. However, some tools support x-nullable: true as a vendor extension, even though nulls are not part of the OpenAPI 2.0 Specification.

Consider migrating to OpenAPI v. 3 to get proper support for nulls.

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    Would be nice to reference the 3.1 specification that this is stated. Reading on swagger.io/specification it explicitly says Multiple types via an array are not supported
    – m.spyratos
    Jan 3 at 3:33

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