I have a Service Fabric project with multiple services. When i try to deploy it, i get the following error:

The active solution configuration is not configured to build or deploy the Service Fabric Application Project. This can happen if the solution configuration is not configured to build/deploy the x64 platform which the project requires.


Possible cause 1: Check in the Configuration Manager for the proper platforms to be set for the projects(x64 is required for Service Fabric). For me that was already correct.

Possible cause 2: Still in Configuration Manager, check if you have multiple Project contexts for which you can Deploy and all check boxes are unchecked. If yes, select the project you want to deploy and then try deploying again.

Possible cause 3: Make sure the project(s) you have set to Deploy is(are) Set As Startup Project(s). And in Configuration Manager the checkboxes Build and Deploy are ticked for this project.

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    Possible cause 2 (no 'deploy' check boxes were checked) fixed it for me, thanks – chase huber May 10 '18 at 13:13
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    For me, changing from AnyCPU to x64 when starting the debugging worked. – Shaswat Rungta Apr 2 '19 at 4:37

The Service Fabric project has to be set as startup project and it's configuration has to look like below: Service Fabric project(right click) >>> Properties >>> Configuration Manager

enter image description here

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