Google recently announced that they are going to start restricting publishing Android apps that do not target recent API level versions. I support this change, but I need some special case exceptions, and have not found an appropriate forum to request those. I know that this is not it, but hope someone here can point me where I should go.

I publish an app that has been out for a long time and still has a significant number of users running it under Gingerbread. It also uses a number of support libraries, and the recent versions of those libraries, the ones targeting the latest API levels, no longer support Gingerbread devices. The end result is that I can not build and apk that supports API level 9 if it targets an SDK level greater than 23. Which is not going to be accepted come November.

I did have a plan to address this issue. That was to start distributing two apk files for each update. One that targets the latest API level and has a min API of probably 21. The other will support older devices and will have a target and max API of 20 and a min API of 9. The problem is that the older target API apk will not be accepted by the Play Store unless I can convince someone that they should continue to accept any app where the target and max API levels are the same.

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    While you make excellent points, questions about app store policies are off-topic and recommendations for off-site resources are off-topic. My guess is that you will need to use the higher targetSdkVersion even for the older support libraries. You can add the //noinspection GradleCompatible comment to block the Lint warning that you get for having an older support library than the targetSdkVersion. And then pray that it holds up. – CommonsWare Jan 5 '18 at 22:49
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    FWIW, I wrote up some other options that you could consider for addressing the issue. – CommonsWare Jan 8 '18 at 14:49

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