I need to display the shipping cost in other side of cart page.

I tried:

$current_shipping_cost = WC()->cart->get_cart_shipping_total();
echo $current_shipping_cost;

But print value nad don't title of shipping cost, because i use as title: "Express delivery with UPS 24/48 hours 4.90 euro"…

How can I get order shipping cost in woocommerce?


To get and display the chosen shipping method label (and other related data, if needed) in cart page (or in checkout page):

foreach( WC()->session->get('shipping_for_package_0')['rates'] as $method_id => $rate ){
    if( WC()->session->get('chosen_shipping_methods')[0] == $method_id ){
        $rate_label = $rate->label; // The shipping method label name
        $rate_cost_excl_tax = floatval($rate->cost); // The cost excluding tax
        // The taxes cost
        $rate_taxes = 0;
        foreach ($rate->taxes as $rate_tax)
            $rate_taxes += floatval($rate_tax);
        // The cost including tax
        $rate_cost_incl_tax = $rate_cost_excl_tax + $rate_taxes;

        echo '<p class="shipping-total">
            <strong class="label">'.$rate_label.': </strong>
            <span class="totals">'. WC()->cart->get_cart_shipping_total() .'</span>
  • Nice solution, but what about taxes? get_cart_shipping_total() - this function include taxes, if not, why are code rate taxes? – Marek Apr 3 at 8:39
  • 1
    @Marek (Other data is there if needed, just to show up)… – LoicTheAztec Apr 3 at 12:51
  • Thank you for your explanation. – Marek Apr 3 at 21:00

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