I'm looking to make calls out to a subversion repository, but I would like to write it in C#. Does anyone know of any good libraries?


Have a look at SharpSVN. This is an open-source binding of the Subversion Client API for .Net 2.0 applications.

For example, this library is used by the AnkhSVN Visual Studio Add-In.


I recommend you look at the Tortoise SVN source code.

It is mostly in C++, but since it is all done in VS, it should be easy to wrap up and use much of the code again.

You can also try SubversionSharp if you want less heavy lifting (however it is not yet a stable release, so be cautious).


How about SubversionSharp.

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    You should mention that this is not a stable, released product. – GEOCHET Jan 26 '09 at 20:48

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