I've been building a website under Ubuntu 17.10 and use Firefox and Chromium for testing. The two browsers show quite different colors (not only for images but all colors) and I always thought that it is Chromium which for some reason wrongly over-saturates them, so up until now I always chose colors that looked right in Firefox.

But I'm starting to get more and more complaints about the website's background being too purple - which it shouldn't be in my opinion as only the blue component of it's color (#eeeeff) is "elevated", but it has reached a point that more people are seeing it as purple than blue, what makes me confused.

This is the aforementioned color displayed in Firefox (left) and Chromium (right).

color #eeeeff as displayed in FF and Chromium

And this is how I see a website:

enter image description here

The difference is quite large (notice how even the favicon is different) and I'm asking you to tell me which one is the browser I should trust when choosing the colours of my websites and whether I could do something to avoid it being displayed so differently in different browsers.

(There are some users that see the overly saturated colors in Firefox too. So now which is the right one, really?)


Another option is to open chrome://flags/ and select the option sRGB on the Force color profile item.

Force color profile setting on Chrome flags

By using this setting instead of disabling the Use hardware acceleration when available, you don't lose some nice features like the 3D view on Google Maps.

Solution found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/74h5yh/blue_shows_as_purple_in_chrome/

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If you disable 'Use hardware acceleration when available' in Chromium Settings and relaunch, Chromium displays colors correctly. When turned on, Chromium colors are off. I consider this as a workaround until Chromium color management issue with hardware acceleration is resolved.

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Using GPick as a Color Picker and calling a Website with Color Hexcode like


I see, that Firefox renders the RGB Colors exactly, meaning GPick identifies the same Hex Code from CSS. Whereas Chromium renders some kind of differnt color.

You can call


and set the Color Profile in Chromium to sRGB, so the rendered Color from Chromium is identified the same as the HexCode with GPick.

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With the other two colours being equal, your colour is right in the middle of "blue territory".

If you convert it to HSL and look on the hue line, you can see it is right in the middle of the "blue" frequency range.

enter image description here

Consequently, any hint of green or red is incorrect.

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