I'm using gatsby-source-contentful where I have a type called ContentfulBlogPost, whose schema looks something like this:


Date is a string (in YYYY-MM-DD format), auto-magically handled by Gatsby's data layer as a Moment object; I can call fromNow and formatString on it and all that.

What I want is to use GraphQL to query for a list of posts from a given year, based on that date field.

If I do this:

     filter: { date: { regex: "/^2017/" } }
   ) {

then I get this error: "Cannot read property 'fromNow' of undefined"

What I really want is to be able to filter the allContentfulBlogPost data set by date, either by transforming the date into an integer/string year and finding on that, or by asking for all items whose date falls between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of the given year.

Right now, I have a query running in gatsby-node that pulls in all blog posts, then groups them by year in JS and then passes the array of posts into a template. This works, but it really seems like there should be a GraphQL way of doing this?

  • This looks like a bug on Gatsby side. – Khaled Garbaya Jan 8 at 10:13

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