I am using the Automated Certificate Management through heroku in order to implement SSL for my application. My application will successfully connect securely using HTTPS if https://www.myapp.com is used, but if www.myapp.com or myapp.com is used, it defaults to HTTP.

In Heroku the domains that have been added are respectively as follows: Domain Name: myapp.com, www.myapp.com DNS Target: myapp.com.herokudns.com, www.myapp.com.herokudns.com

In google domains I have a subdomain forward record as follows: myapp.com -> https://www.myapp.com

and under Custom resource records I have: Name: www Type: CNAME Date: www.myapp.com.herokudns.com

Is there a way to force https through google domains or heroku-cli, or is this something I need to do in my Python app?


The easiest way is to use flask-sslify: https://github.com/kennethreitz/flask-sslify

It turns every http request to your app into a https request

you only have to add one line of code to you app (or app factory):

from flask import Flask
from flask_sslify import SSLify

app = Flask(__name__)
sslify = SSLify(app)

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