Analyzing an HTML-5 application which makes heavy use of GPU-enabled animations, I would like to constantly check the FPS rate in an environment in which Chrome/Chromium is started with the --kiosk startup flag. Currently, I use Chromium in version 60+.

Most of us know how to en- or disable this feature in Chrome/Chromium by selecting the checkbox FPS meter in regular mode (see: [1], [2]). I already found the startup flag --show-fps-counter which shows the GPU debug box upon startup [3]. However, the official developer documentation provided by Google does not mention ways to use a keyboard shortcut to toggle the display of the FPS meter tool.

So my question is:

  1. Is there an (un-)official keyboard shortcut to show/hide the FPS meter when Chrome/Chromium is launched in --kiosk mode? If so: what is it?

Questions which I already checked/screened and which did not provide a useful answers:

  • [4], refers to an outdated Chrome version (v33),
  • [5], refers to Android settop boxes and, as of today, has no answer,
  • [6], refers to JavaScript and a programmatic activation of the FPS meter (again: no answer).

Any suggestions based on official sources are much appreciated.


The FPS counter, being part of the DevTools, can be toggled programmatically over the Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP). An example using Puppeteer is available here on the Google Developers site.

So a clumsy but working solution would be writing a script that toggles the FPS counter over CDP, and assign a hotkey to it in your OS. You might want to check the awesome-devtools repo to choose a CDP client in your favorite language.

  • Thx for your answer, but I was asking for a plain keyboard shortcut-based approach. A programmatic solution is not what I‘m looking for as I want to activate the FPS meter for any website, independent from having/hacking the source code. – MWiesner Mar 15 at 17:02

maybe this solution is useful for you , first download an extension called FPS extension then in extensions panel go to keyboard shortcuts and add a shortcut for this extension, this way you can turn it on and off when ever you want. hope it helps


You can enable that in the Dev Tools area via Ctrl + Shift + J > Console Drawer > 3-dot menu > Rendering > FPS meter.

There is no keyboard shortcut for this, I'm afraid.

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    Thx for your answer. I knew this manual approach via the Dev Tools already. My requirement is a keyboard only approach. – MWiesner Mar 16 at 6:54

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