According to this Github issue, the rust-encoding crate is missing SHIFT-JIS support. What's the best way to decode SHIFT-JIS in Rust in light of this?


encoding_rs::SHIFT_JIS, a crate made for Firefox, can be used instead! :)

extern crate encoding_rs;
use encoding_rs::SHIFT_JIS;

fn main() {
    let data = vec![142,75,130,209,130,189,142,169,147,93,142,212,130,198,141,98,138,107,151,222];
    let (res, _enc, errors) = SHIFT_JIS.decode(&data);
    if errors {
    } else {
        println!("{}", res);



Note that res is a Cow<'_, str> - you may need to use into_owned() depending on your use case.

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