When a sales order is created from User A which has User B as account manager, the following email is sent:

Dear User B,
You have been assigned to the sales order SO-0058.
<View sales order>
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Similar email is sent when an invoice is created.

Where this template can be modified? Is there any way to disable this internal notifications globaly?

  • Did you find the solution ? – Nesh Feb 6 '18 at 7:04

You can find that notification in the module mail, folder views, file mail_templates.xml.

The XML ID of the template you're looking for is message_user_assigned.

In the same module, folder models, file mail_thread.py, there's the action of sending that notification:

def _message_auto_subscribe_notify(self, partner_ids):
    """ Notify newly subscribed followers of the last posted message.
        :param partner_ids : the list of partner to add as needaction partner of the last message
                                (This excludes the current partner)
    if not partner_ids:

    if self.env.context.get('mail_auto_subscribe_no_notify'):

    # send the email only to the current record and not all the ids matching active_domain !
    # by default, send_mail for mass_mail use the active_domain instead of active_ids.
    if 'active_domain' in self.env.context:
        ctx = dict(self.env.context)
        self = self.with_context(ctx)

    for record in self:
            partner_ids=[(4, pid) for pid in partner_ids],
            parent_id=False, # override accidental context defaults

And this action is performed in your cases because sale.order and account.invoice models inherit from mail.thread:

class AccountInvoice(models.Model):
    _name = "account.invoice"
    _inherit = ['mail.thread']
    _description = "Invoice"
    _order = "date_invoice desc, number desc, id desc"

I don't recommend you to remove that _inherit. I think it'd be better to overwrite _message_auto_subscribe_notify method to check the active model and do nothing if this is sale.order or account.invoice.

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You don't need to develop anything. This is configuration inside Odoo for users.

Settings -> Technical -> Subtypes


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  • Sorry the subject of the question is different of the question. - You can configure: "Email notifications when Sales Order or Invoices are created" - You can't configure: when a saler order or invoice is assigned to a sales person. – rafaodoo Jul 10 at 9:58
  • rafadoo please edit your posts instead of adding information in comments. Especially if you are not satisfied anymore and need to change something. – Yunnosch Jul 10 at 10:22

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