select city from station where city like '[aeiou]%';

this should return all the city names starting with vowels but it doesnt.Please esplain the regeion and suggest other methods

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    It's not regex. mentioning character class is of no use. Rather it will try to look for [ character first. – Rahul Jan 7 '18 at 19:10
  • try this one: SELECT DISTINCT city FROM station WHERE city RLIKE '^[aeiouAEIOU].*[aeiouAEIOU]$' – Chris Vermeijlen Jan 7 '18 at 19:12

Since everey station should have a city

select city from station where LOWER(SUBSTR(city,1,1)) IN ('a','e','i','o','u')

should be good, too.


You could try:

select city from station where city RLIKE '^[aeiouAEIOU]'

I think your expression may be failing because you didn't specify the start of the string with '^'.


Use this regex in your query (Here is a fiddle):

SELECT * FROM station WHERE city RLIKE '^[aeiouAEIOU]'

Without specifying the $ at the end of the regex expression we are basically saying return every row where the city starts with a vowel.

The $ sign means the end of the string we are matching. Just leave it out if you don't have additional requirements.

You don't need the % either.

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