I have found a nice example how to find the center point of a polygon (and here in JS):

-> See this jsfiddle example

So, with this polygon

var polygon = [
     {'x':770, 'y':400},
     {'x':529, 'y':643},
     {'x':320, 'y':494},
     {'x':424, 'y':381},
     {'x':459, 'y':369}

I should find the center point like so:

var con = new Contour();
    con.pts = polygon;

But con.centroid is undefined.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

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Here's fixed version: jsfiddle

You've made few mistakes - first of all you've declared Contour and Point after calling them - thus you weren't able to use it. - you called centroid as if it was property and it was a function thus you were missing brackets () after centroid - in return value of centroid function you passed x and y as an Object where function point takes x and y as separate values


first of all you should define everything before creating your "new Contour". Moreover, centroid is a function, so you should invoke it using con.centroid() . Apparently you want that function to return a "point" but I do not think that is the correct way do to that. Take a look at this http://jsfiddle.net/SsCux/3/

PS: I think there is something wrong in the calculation of the area


You call the Contour constructor way before the Contour prototype has been defined. In the said jsfiddle, move your document.write to the end, and all will go... better.

Also, you need to actually call the centroid function you defined:

var c = con.centroid();
document.write( c.x );
document.write( c.y );
  • errm.. yes.. I really need to do more of this prototype stuff. thank you.
    – koko
    Commented Jan 27, 2011 at 9:52

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