When I use testResponse.code == 401 I can see the "Expected" and "Actual" from the console log. But when I use checkResponseCode(testResponse, 401) I get the following:

 Condition not satisfied:

checkResponseCode(testResponse, 401)
|         |
false     testpackage.project1.hs.unittestspack.utils.TestClass@17d88132

How do I fix checkResponseCode() method so that it produces expected and actual? Here's the implementation for checkResponseCode():

 static def checkResponseCode(resp, code) {
     resp.code == code

Here's the log I want to achieve:

Condition not satisfied:

testResponse.code == 401
|                |    |
|                500  false

Expected :401

Actual   :500

 <Click to see difference>
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    put an assert before the respo.code==code
    – cfrick
    Jan 8, 2018 at 14:00

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You could assert the condition in your helper method:

static void checkResponseCode( resp, code ) {
    assert resp.code == code

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