My appcelerator alloy app has a section that displays a list of protocols used by employees in a listview(There are about 25), when a row is tapped, it should open the corresponding PDF document in the assets/protocol_pdf folder. In iOS 11.2.1, the document viewer opens, but the PDF is not displayed, only the filename followed by PDF document(see image). Everything works just fine in iOS 10 and prior.

I used the code example from to open the PDF.

Additionally, using the exact code from the appcelerator documentation(!/api/Titanium.UI.iOS.DocumentViewer) in a new test project results in the same problem.

At this point i'm not sure how to solve the issue. I can only guess that something in where the file is saved and how it is accessed is different. Any suggestions are appreciated.

My Code:

function onItemClick(e){    
    var item = $.listView.sections[e.sectionIndex].items[e.itemIndex];'Opening ' +;
    } else{"androidPDF", {file:});

function openResourcePDF(fileName){
    var appFile;
    appFile = Ti.Filesystem.getFile(Ti.Filesystem.resourcesDirectory, fileName);

    var appfilepath = appFile.nativePath;

function viewPDF(appfilepath){
    docViewer = Ti.UI.iOS.createDocumentViewer({url:appfilepath});;

Image showing how viewer brings it up: enter image description here

I guess you just want to use that on iOS. Try this:

function openResourcePDF(fileName) {
    var appFile;
    appFile = Ti.Filesystem.getFile(Ti.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory, fileName);

    var appfilepath = appFile.nativePath;
  • This shows more than what I was using previously, it attempts to load the PDF vs just showing the file name, but it still results in the same after a brief loading icon. What I ended up doing was loading it up in a web view based on the test code in this appcelerator jira: – Jonathan Jan 16 at 14:53

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