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A large white space after the column name row in the uigrid and then after all the datas are displayed,how can i solve this issue,anybody please help me.

Angular //////////////

app.controller('MainCtrl', function ($scope, $http, uiGridConstants) {

$scope.gridOptions = {

showColumnFooter: true,
exporterMenuCsv: true,
enableGridMenu: true,
enableFiltering: true,
showGridFooter: false,

onRegisterApi: function (gridApi) {
  $scope.gridApi = gridApi;
  $scope.gridApi.grid.registerRowsProcessor($scope.singleFilter, 200);
paginationPageSizes: [25, 50, 75],
paginationPageSize: 10,
showColumnFooter: true,

columnDefs: [
    field: 'Name',

    field: 'IE',
    visible: false,
    enableCellEdit: false,
    enableFiltering: false


    field: 'Amount',
    enableFiltering: false,




var gridOptions = []; $scope.gridOptions.data = 'gridData'; Here is my html and angular code i was currently working .

  • can you provide more details? show your HTML and AngularJS code to be able to help you. – Omar Einea Jan 9 at 5:27
  • hlo i added my code you can check it now – Binet B Jan 9 at 6:17

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