I need to find any element in DOM by xpath. I already tried the following:

let el = await page.$x('//*[@id="readium-right-panel"]/ul/li[1]');

The returning error is:

TypeError: page.$x is not a function

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Looks like your puppeteer version may be outdated


is new to 1.0.0


the problem most probably might be because of the older puppeteer version. You might want to check the puppeteer version in your package.json file.

SMALL NOTE: npm i https://github.com/GoogleChrome/puppeteer/ does not upgrade puppeteer.

if(puppeteer version >1.0.0)

###try this,###

suppose that //*[@id="ng-app"] is the global prefix then u add it before the Xpath variable. I have used interpolation for this.

    await page.waitForXPath(`//*[@id="ng-app"]/${Xpath}`, { visible: true });//waiting for the xPath element to be visible
    const elementToClick = await page.$x(`//*[@id="ng-app"]/${Xpath}`);
await elementToClick[0].click();

this is an example to click the element extracted of course.

in your case it will be

    await page.waitForXPath('//*[@id="readium-right-panel"]/ul/li[1]');
    let el =await page.$x(`//*[@id="readium-right-panel"]/ul/li[1]`);
await el[0].click();

source:the API DOCS Of Puppeteer


Following should work

let el = await page.xpath('//*[@id="readium-right-panel"]/ul/li[1]');

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