I have made a hobby, non-profit, free app that aggregated Myanmar (my nationality) songs from SoundCloud and let my country-man listen more conveniently through my App.

And recently, I have discovered the "play" requests (/tracks/:id/stream) from my App is experiencing Reaching Rate Limit error from SoundCloud.

I know SoundCloud has 15K request limit per ClientID in a day. And my App only has about 10K total playbacks in a day.

I'm suspect that someone is using my ClientID and making **automated** "play" requests to SoundCloud. My question is - is there any way that I can trace the origins of my ClientID's "play" requests ?

  • I'm quite sure you can't trace this by yourself. You have to probably ask them. – GoingSolo Jan 10 at 14:30
  • By the way, are you sure that your app is only doing 10k total playbacks in a day? – GoingSolo Jan 10 at 15:04
  • @GoingSolo, yes. very sure. I have my play request logged in Fabric. And that's why I'm asking with #soundcloud tag. And hoping they will be a bit considerate. :) – Aung Pyae Jan 12 at 17:50
  • Unfortunately the api key is too easy to steal, since it is passed as a parameter in every request. They should logging all the requests for audit purpose tho, so it’s not hard to trace the ip source. – GoingSolo Jan 12 at 22:16

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