I'm writing a new app, and in this project I'm using the minSdkVersion = 21 (lollipop), so my question is: should I use any appcompat library once I'm targeting a quite new API?

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    1/2 This question is bound to bring opinionated answers. First of all, you should definitely use support-v4, it has latest updates in Fragment implementation. Use support-vector-drawable, it has latest updates in VectorDrawable implementation. Secondly, if you don't use appcompat-v7 and want to use design support library, use cwac-crossport. Jan 9, 2018 at 11:11
  • 2/2 Thirdly, appcompat-v7 backports support for theme attributes in XML colors from API 23. Finally, there have been theme attributes introduced after API 21 and appcompat-v7 backports them. There have been functionalities backported, such as auto-size text from API 26. Depends on you if you want to pay the price of bigger APK for feature backports and simpler use. Jan 9, 2018 at 11:11

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You should & you need to.


  1. android os is emerging new features and updates day by day. To give these features & updates in older version this is the way.
  2. Consistent UI looks for all versions.

check this out.


In Android appcompat-v7, as with Theme.Material, supports the notion of a custom theme defining colors, like colorPrimary and colorAccent. Native Theme.Material widgets on Android 5.0+, and supported widgets in appcompat-v7, will use those colors in accordance with the Material Design guidelines.

The support library injects the compatibility code automatically. The classes provided by the support library are only needed when writing a new custom view. In this case you have to extend the AppCompat views in order to get the new properties such as tint.

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