I just found out that when using spock you can mock all spring stereotypes ("Component", "Service" and "Controller") except of "Repository". What is the reason?


The following example does not work as long as the "TestRepository" class has the stereotype annotation "Repository" because the return value of the mock is "null". If changing the stereotype annotation to one of the other stereotypes the mock returns the expected instance of "TestModel".


class TestController {

private final TestRepository testRepository

TestController(TestRepository testRepository) {
    this.testRepository = testRepository

String test(Model model) {
    TestModel testmodel = testRepository.getTestModel()

Repository: ("@Repository" does not work, "@Component", "@Service" and "@Controller" work)

class TestRepository {
    TestModel getTestModel() {...}


@SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = SpringBootTest.WebEnvironment.MOCK)
@AutoConfigureMockMvc(secure = false)
class TestControllerSpec extends Specification {
    MockMvc mockMvc

    TestRepository testRepository

    def "test"() {
        testRepository.getTestModel >> new TestModel()

    static class MockConfig {
        def factory = new DetachedMockFactory()
        TestRepository testRepository() {

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See Spock Issue 758 for more details, in short @Repository instances are wrapped in by spring in a proxy to handle transactions, this breaks the mock interactions setup. You can either use Spock 1.2 (currently SNAPSHOT only) and the new annotation @UnwrapAopProxy on the testRepository field. Or you can use this function to unwrap it manually.

public static <T> T getTargetObject(Object proxy) throws Exception {
    if (AopUtils.isAopProxy(proxy)) {
        return (T) ((Advised) proxy).getTargetSource().getTarget();
    } else {
        return (T) proxy;

def "test"() {
    TestRepository mock = getTargetObject(testRepository)
    mock.getTestModel() >> new TestModel()

    testRepository.getTestModel() != null
  • Nice! I like the Spock 1.2 version! May 17, 2018 at 19:46

The full source for a Spock 1.2-SNAPSHOT version:

class TestControllerSpec extends Specification {
    MockMvc mockMvc

    TestRepository testRepository

    def "test"() {
        //def result = mockMvc.get(...) //implement me

        1 * testRepository.getTestModel >> new TestModel()


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