I want my Twilio number to continue to ring (without being answered by Twilio) until a number I want the call forwarded to answers.

According to the docs, the pause verb when used first in the response, delays pickup of incoming calls.

Is there a way to dial another number during this pause and connect the inbound and outbound calls only when the outbound call is answered?

In essence, I am trying to set up a simple call forward using the Twilio number. Just want to make sure everyone calling the number doesn't get charged even when the call goes unanswered.


Twilio developer evangelist here.

I assume you are using <Dial> to forward the call. If you have made a call to a Twilio number and it has reached some TwiML (that isn't <Reject>) then that leg of the call, the incoming leg, has started and is using Twilio resource and will incur charges regardless of whatever else happens.

Just as a technical point though, if you use the <Dial> attribute answerOnBridge="true" (and <Dial> is the first TwiML verb) the ringing behaviour of the call will be preserved until the other end picks up.

Let me know if that helps.

  • Thanks answerOnBridge attribute is exactly what I was looking for. – charsi Jan 10 '18 at 0:56

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