Trying to duplicate the Woocommerce notices twice on the cart page. Once where they currently are above the cart items themselves. And once bellow the item.

Reason being that if there are a lot of items in the cart if someone uses a coupon or if there's an error you no longer see the message.

I have tried adding wc_print_notices(); to where it should go into the template and it will only print the notices once. If I remove the first call the second will show up and vice versa.

I also tried to duplicate the wc_print_notices() function and rename with the same result, it will only print one at a time.

Is there something inside woo where it will only print the notices once per page?


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The last line of that function is wc_clear_notices(); so, yes, it will only print the notices once.

However, there is another function further down (see https://docs.woocommerce.com/wc-apidocs/source-function-wc_print_notices.html#118-141) called wc_get_notices(), so you could use that instead. It returns an array, so you'd need to process it further.

Alternatively, you could try copying the entire of the wc_print_notices() function to your own, just omitting the last line (although you will have to call wc_clear_notices() at some stage).

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