I had configured an Incoming Webhook on one of our Microsoft Teams channels, but noticed it stopped working recently, and also I am no longer able to find the Incoming Webhook in the list of connectors:

Missing Incoming Webhook

What command would I need to have our Administrators run or what configuration would I need to apply to get this to work again?

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    Do you see any other connectors listed? If not, could you please ask your admin to Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams? Jan 10, 2018 at 12:11
  • @Wajeed-MSFT - yes there are are total of seven connectors listed: VSTS, Yammer, Bing, Wunderlist, Dynamics 365, MS Forms, TFS. Should my administrator expect to see the webhook as an App as shown on this page?
    – JoeGaggler
    Jan 10, 2018 at 16:06

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As @wajeed-msft notes, this is happening because your administrator turned off access to external applications.

Assuming "Allow sideloading of external apps" is also turned off you'll get the list on the page you found above. If you scroll through that list, you will see "Incoming webhook" listed.

Incoming webhook in Apps list


I had the same problem and I didn't remember that I (as a Tenant admin) disabled anything in the portal. "Unfortunatly" the screenshot is from the older portal, in the new Teams Admin check the following: Org wide settings

All available connectors were somehow blocked, so I removed everything from the "blocked apps" list:

Blocked Apps

Then I needed to sign out ("Quit" didn't refresh those settings) and sign in again and now I have access to all connectors.


For webhook connector, you can use the incoming webhook connector in MS teams app sections. For more information please refer this link

screenshot of Teams Interface

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