I am looking for AWS Lambda to handle RDS Database connection pooling mechanism or do we have work around for this????

If we not having option for this i will face max connection error quickly..


At last your query has been answered by AWS recently.

Amazon RDS Proxy

Hope this helps you out!


There are two aspects to the problem, I had similar issue and this is how I mitigated.

  1. Reusing the database connection pooling, Following is an example where declaring the connection object outside of the handler will help for boost the hot starts


Here is a good read - http://blog.spotinst.com/2017/11/19/best-practices-serverless-connection-pooling-database/

  1. second aspect of your problem, Reaching the maximum connections, no matter which connection pooling you are using if you don't throttle your lambda invocations there's a upper limit for the invocations. but you haven't mentioned how many requests you are handling. If your lambda invocations are asynchronous I would implement the request being enqueued in the SQS and consume those request asynchronously.

RDS Proxy has been released but its on Preview mode, it should handle your case



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