I'm trying to get the container ID of the running container at the startup time. This is to use that information in service health check apis.

I got a loadbalancer sitting in front of a fleet of containers, and runs periodic health checks via https://service-n.api.com/health. Idea is to return the container information with the api responses.

I'm using docker-compose to spinup docker containers, it'd be great if there's a way to pass the container id as environment variable to the container, like below.

version: '2'
    image: my.registry.com/pq-api:1.0.0
    container_name: my-container
      - 80:80
      - 443:443
    network_mode: bridge
      CONTAINER_ID: "{{.ID}}"

The container Id is already available by default to all containers inside the environment variable HOSTNAME

$ docker run alpine env

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  • Seems it's built in to alpine base image. I'm using centurylink/ca-certs and it doesn't have that. Can we rely on HOSTNAME as the container id? – Anuruddha Jan 10 '18 at 9:57

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