I have a specific problem setting up a clustered JBoss EAP 6.3 environment for a customer. We have several applications communicating via JMS.

In before, this was done via IBM MQ Series, which is able to make use of response queues. So it was like this:

A1 -request-> MQ SERIES -dispatch-> B1 -response-> MQ SERIES -dispatch-> A1

MQ Series has been eliminated and inside jboss there are request and response queues configured.

How can I assure inside my clustered JMS, that the response B -> A is dispatched to A1 and not to An? We have at least two cluster members of A and B (two different products communicating via JMS), so it looks to me like there is a certain risk that B1's answers will be pushed to A2 instead of A1.

A1 -HAJMS-> B1 -HAJMS-> A2

Has anybody here ever replaced MQ Series by JBoss Queues in a clustered environment?

There is a 2012 post asking a similar questions on jboss forum but the answer seems incomplete to me https://developer.jboss.org/thread/199682

Thanks for any help!

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