In our team we are using TSLint with "jsx-curly-spacing": [ true, "always" ]. Half our team uses VS Code and when they use Code Formatting they have this done automatically. However if i press Ctrl+E, Ctrl+D to format the entire document the spacing is removed.

How I would like it to be:

<div className={ classes.root }>

How it turns out:

<div className={classes.root}>

I have looked at the settings but I can't find any for brackets.

enter image description here

I'm using the new Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 15.5.3.

VS Code has this automatically it seems and they can toggle it using these settings:

"typescript.format.insertSpaceAfterOpeningAndBeforeClosingNonemptyBrackets": true,

VS Code - Code Formatting space before curly braces


Not a complete fix but it could be something. Since we are using TSLint and have TypeScript Analyzer installed I can right click the project or a single file/folder and then select Fix TypeScript Analyzer Errors If Possible. This solved my problem but it is an extra step.

enter image description here


I also added a feature request to Visual Studio for this.


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