I have downloaded the Ganache.appx from the official site.

Not sure how to start the ganache blockchain .

When I double click the the file it asks me to choose like below ?

Note : I am having a windows 7 machine . I dont find any files in ganache official site for specific version of windows.

enter image description here

Please let me know how to launch ganache block chain in windows 7 machine?


For Windows 7 dont download from homepage. Please click on other OS link below and there you will get direct exe. It worked for me

enter image description here


Ganache builds are targeted for Windows App Store. Build line should be tweaked to achieve this. Please refer Ganache Issues


Extract this file (Ganache-1.2.2.appx) with 7-zip and you will find (~\Ganache-1.2.2\app\Ganache.exe ) file. run no need to install

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