I've begun doing some regression in python, and I've had an issue with the clustered standard errors in the linearmodels module.

I've been using PanelOLS and comparing the results with output from Stata to verify that I've been coding the data properly. I had no issues with clustering when only using "entity_effects = True" or when only using "time_effects = True". The output has matched the Stata output exactly.

However, when I include time and entity fixed effects together in the same regression, the clustered standard errors differ from the Stata output.

This is what my python code looks like

reg1d = PanelOLS(df4['logavgMWH'], df4[X1a], entity_effects= True, time_effects = True)
fe_reg1d = reg1d.fit(cov_type='clustered', cluster_entity=True)

This is what the Stata code looks like

reghdfe logavgMWH X1a, a(entity time) cluster(entity)

Does anyone have any idea why this would be the case? Any help on reconciling these differences?

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