I'm trying to get a better handle on Rack middleware, and I've just learned that you can view all of the installed middlewares for a Rails app using rails middleware. In a fresh Rails app, that's about 25 different middlewares.

I'd really like to examine the source code of these different middlewares, but I can't find out where they live in the app. Have they all been compiled to executable, so the only way I can read the source is on Github? If so, how can I find those repos? Thanks!


For the ActionDispatch, ActiveRecord, Rails, ActiveSupport, and Testing middlewares, they'll be in rails/rails, the Rack stuff will be in rack/rack, and WebConsole will be in rails/web-console

They're not compiled into an executable, no. Each gem is downloaded based on the contents of your Gemfile and gets semi-magically loaded via your environment and config.ru.

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