I need to get the current running SAS program's name and file path into local variables. I accomplished that using the SAS_EXECFILEPATH and SAS_EXECFILEPATH commands. I ran this through windows SAS and it worked.

But when i tried to run this on the server in batch mode, it failed. I then tried the &_SASPROGRAMFILE parameter, which ran fine on SAS EG, but fails when I trigger it on the server in batch mode.

Is there a possible way to accomplish this in batch mode on the server?

You might be looking for %sysfunc(getoption(sysin)) (Usage Note 24301: How to retrieve the program name that is currently running in batch mode or interactively), if you start the program with sas -sysin path/to/file.sas.

  • Thanks @Nickolay, but the sysin option does not work on EG then, don't we have any option that works on the server and locally on EG as well? – Rhea Jan 11 at 21:46
  • Otherwise i'll have to code separately for Base SAS, SAS EG and the sevrer. – Rhea Jan 11 at 21:56
  • 1
    @Rhea: I think not, otherwise the Usage note I referenced would have mentioned it. You wrap the code handling all the cases you're interested in a macro to avoid repeating this logic over and over. – Nickolay Jan 11 at 22:17
  • Okay, I guess then there's no other choice, i'll have to check for the run environment and then calculate the program details accordingly. Thanks @Nickolay – Rhea Jan 11 at 22:27

I know this is delayed but you could generate a macro that calls on the right code depending on if you are running the program in the editor or in batch mode. Art Carpenter created a great macro that solves this issue.

%macro ExecPrg;

%if %sysfunc(getoption(sysin)) ne %str() %then %do;
  /* Batch Execution */
%else %do;
  /* Interactive Execution */
%mend execprg;

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