My problem consists of 2 things:

  1. how to code 4 different range for heading

    • a. 315 - 45
    • b. 46 - 135
    • c. 136 - 225
    • d. 226- 314

2.how to code probability on choosing this range. (I have attached image below to make it clear)

What I wish to do is:

a) for heading a; the probability of turtles choose any of this range should be 85%

b) for heading b,c, and b, there will be 5% of turtles choosing any side of this heading

Since I'm quite bad at explaining in words, I have attached image on what I plan to do

Right-click and open in new tab

here is my code

to random-behave

  let p random-float 100

  if (p >= 85)
  [set  heading heading + 45
    set heading heading - 45]

  if (p >= 15)
   [set  heading other heading + 45
    set heading other heading - 45]

    if not can-move? 1 [ rt 180 ]

   fd 1

I tried to implement rnd extension but I can't see where should I put it. And if possible, instead of if (p >=15), is there any way to code the heading according to its degree? Since other can't be use here.

Thank you in advance.


You don't need the rnd extension, your approach with random-float is fine. However, you need to use if-else rather than if because a returned random number 'p' that is >85 will also be >15. Instead, you need to break up the interval from 0 to 100 into pieces that are the appropriate length. This is not tested.

to random-behave

  let p random-float 100

  if-else p <= 85
  [ print "got up to 85" ]
  [ if-else p <= 90
    [ print "got 85 to 90"]
    [ if-else p <= 95
      [ print "got 90 to 95" ]
      [ print "got 95 to 100" ]

  if not can-move? 1 [ rt 180 ]
  fd 1

You also have errors in your heading calculation. I only answered the probability part since that's what you specifically asked. But you should ask a new question if you need help with your heading.

  • Thank youu so mucchh for helping me. This code works with what I plan to do. I will create new question regarding heading. – linda Jan 16 '18 at 8:48

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