I am using a for loop:

foreach n of numlist 1/7 {

Then doing various things like...

recode ${controls`n'} (.=0)
pscore intervention_family ${controls`n'}, pscore(ps_oowb) 



is a previously defined macro with a variables list in it.


global controls1 ///
age /// 
sex ///

This is all fine until I need to use another for loop as follows...

foreach var in $controls`n' {
  local i=`i'
    putexcel A`i'="`var'" B`i'="U" C`i'=`r(m1u_`var')' 

I cannot put brackets round


here as then Stata says 'code after brace on same line' but without them Stata does not seem to recognise this global.

Previously I was simply calling a macro

foreach var in $controls {

And it worked fine. Anyone know the correct syntax / work around?

  • In your last block of code tne local macro i is not defined that we can see. – Nick Cox Jan 11 at 17:51

Try to "unpack" this structure via:

foreach n of numlist 1/7 {
foreach var of global controls`n' {

  • 3
    This is a good suggestion but I think the syntax is off. Should be "local contr ${controls`n'}", no? – Mauricio Jan 11 at 17:13
  • Agreed, otherwise Stata evaluates $controls and `n' and concatenates the results. – user4690969 Jan 11 at 17:41
  • Ok, I edited it. Now it should work. – Christian Jan 12 at 14:21
  • foreach var of global controls`n' should work too. I don't see the need to pass its contents to a local: cut out the middle macro. – Nick Cox Jan 12 at 14:23

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